Latest Finance Report Shows Strong Support for Donovan 

For Immediate Release
March 15, 2016
Media Contact: Whytnee Bush



Burlington, VT —  TJ Donovan’s campaign for Vermont Attorney General today filed its campaign finance filing for the period ending March 12, 2016.  Since launching his campaign in the fall of 2015, Donovan has raised over $225,000.00 and has over $200,000.00 cash on-hand.  Donovan’s contributions reflect a broad base of support among Vermonters, who accounted for over 90% of his contributors.

“I am proud of and humbled by the outpouring of support I have received statewide from my fellow Vermonters.  Since launching my campaign I have traveled from St. Johnsbury to Bennington, from the Islands to White River Junction, and lots of places in between.  Everywhere I go I hear about the struggles Vermonters are facing and have had the opportunity to discuss how the Office of Attorney General can meet these challenges by working to promote safety, health, fairness, and equality.”

Donovan’s filing demonstrates the broad appeal of his campaign, showing financial support from individual Vermonters, unions, members of law enforcement, social workers, political office holders, entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as over 200 colleagues in the legal profession.

“While I am grateful for the financial support from my many contributors I want to expressly acknowledge the reality of modern campaigning which, unfortunately, requires increasingly large sums of money. To be clear, I am committed to an independent, unbiased approach to fulfilling the duties of the Attorney General.”  Donovan continued, “Should I be fortunate enough to be elected, I will establish a litigation review panel that will issue public opinions on the qualifications and potential conflicts of any outside litigation contract entered into by the AG’s office.  I believe this process will serve Vermont well and increase the accountability of their Attorney General.”  Details of Donovan’s plan are available on his campaign website at: